Leander Rutten


Hi there!

I am Leander, born in ’89, (currently) living in The Netherlands. In 2008 I started the study Industrial Product Design at The Hague University. I did an internship at “Carve, design and engineering bureau” and graduated in 2012 at “Lazy Jack” in Amsterdam. After graduating I felt like crossing borders. So I did! I traveled the world for a year and found myself getting more and more motivated to start designing again.  So lets go!

Some things about me:

  • Solving problems is in my veins.
  • I equally like being in big cities and pure nature, but those little villages…
  • Sport is my way to release frustration, especially rock climbing.
  • My right shoulder is my weak point.
  • My mom tells me I am a good person (but doesn’t everybody’s mom say that?).
  • Friends tell me I dare too much.
  • I can make damn good coffee.

Feel free to look around some more, leave comments on my blogs and to get in contact with me!

IMG_5167 - kopie