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Back from travel!


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Hi there!

I’m back! “From where…” you say? Well, I’ve been traveling the world. Together with Suzy I saw America, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand and a little bit of Malaysia. It took us about eleven months to finish this trip of “self exploring” and it was amazing!

Just a few words to describe the stuff we did:

Pacific highway; motorhome; Josemite; Grand Canion; hiking; bouldering; campfires; camping; amazing vieuws; Las Vegas; Death Valley; airplanes; backpacks; living cheap; living expensive; woring on farms; fixing bicycles; fixing caravans; babysitting; making coffee; climbing; meeting people; making friends; surfing; running; cycling; hostel life; more amazing views; meeting family; new cultures; amazing food; amazing people; weird traffic situations; motorbikes; best beaches of the world; 11months of nice weather; etcetera etcetera etcetera… and having the best time ever!

And you wouldn’t believe this: “Now I feel like working! So bring it on!”IMG_2152

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